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The stock market isn’t just for suits, and you don’t need thousands of dollars to get started. WeTrade Academy puts trading and investing know-how into the hands of anyone who wants it, making financial growth accessible and exhilarating.

WeTrade Academy uses collaboration to teach independent trading. This means money talk doesn’t happen in hushed tones or behind heavy doors. Rather, it’s discussed in the open and in labs, over coffee and on cool mid-century couches, replacing secrecy and misconceptions with knowledge and investing power.


Our qualified instructors – position you to pursue your personal financial goals and have fun doing it! WeTrade Academy takes trading and investing from the clutches of the elite and from the confines of the boiler room, imparting it to anyone wants to learn - and who wants to earn.

Stock Trader with his family
Day Trader with family
Ivestor Trader Graduation
Investor with family
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