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From full-timers to stay-at- home parents to entrepreneurs, money worriers to hobby-seekers to Wall Street wolf wannabes.

WeTrade unites people from all walks of life under one roof, with one goal: To learn more about, and make money from, trading and investing.

We provide the experts, the support, and the amenities, and can even point you toward sound methods of accessing funds to get started. You bring your unique short-term and long-term financial goals and a willingness to learn. From there, the returns speak for themselves. And when friendships strike up in our trading laps and workshops, and they often do, you don’t have to leave WeTrade to kick back, hang out and just have fun.

Our social events include movies, minglers, and speakers of all stripes. From daily happy hours and refreshments to comfortable couches and chairs that welcome casual chats, WeTrade is more than just a classroom where you earn an “A” in “Assets” – it’s your new living room, too.

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